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Hi everybody! This is a bit of an old fic of mine, but I just found this community, so I thought I'd share!

Title: Little Girl
Author/Artist: bellichka
Pairing: Narcissa/Bellatrix
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Summary: "You love a memory, 'Cis. That's all I am to you."
Disclaimer: own none of it, yadda yadda yadda
Possible Spoilers: Order of the Phoenix
Warnings: pwp, incest, femmeslash, and my first time writing any of them.
Archive: the Malfoy Slash Archive and anywhere else just ask.
A/N: As said before, first PWP and first femmeslash. Be gentle :) And thanks to tcregan for the beta.

Narcissa sighed, turning away.

"Don't," Bella scolded her as she reached up to her sister's face. Narcissa leaned into the touch, facing Bella once again, as Bella caressed her sister's cheek with one hand and worked her way down Narcissa's silk blouse with the other. "You're making it worse."

"You told me you wouldn't hurt me," the blond answered back, slightly breathless, shrugging out said blouse. "The last time we were like this… you said you'd never hurt me again."

"And have I?"

Narcissa arched her back, digging her fingers into her bed as her sister began to kiss her neck. "You hurt me every day, Bellatrix," she responded quietly. "Constantly."

Bella laughed, sending shivers of a smile up Narcissa's spine. "And how do I do that." It was a statement, not question.

"Every day, Bella," Narcissa panted as her sister's hands deftly found their way up her skirt. "Every day, when you go out with them - with Rudy and Barty and Sev and Lucius -"

"Don't concern yourself over Lucius," Bella replied hastily as switching tasks, she reached back to unclasp the smaller girl's bra. "And do not concern yourself over me."

"But why shouldn't I?" Narcissa mumbled as the restraint was cast aside. "Why shouldn't I care about you, Bella?"

"I'm not worth your concern."

Narcissa tensed. "But I love you."

Bellatrix stroked her younger sister's cheek. "No you don't," she answered softly. "You love the girl I used to be. You love the sister who would build tents out of Father's robes and brooms, and then spend all night with you underneath it, talking about boys and what school would be like. You love the sister who would feed you soup when you were sick and tell you jokes. That's who you love."

"But… isn't that who you are, Bella?" Narcissa was completely naked now. "Isn't that you?"

Bella removed her mouth from her sister's chest and brought her lips to meet the others'. "You love a memory, 'Cis," she finally responded, panting slightly. "That's all I am to you."

"You're more than that," Narcissa breathed as she latched her mouth upon her sister's ear. "You're everything to me."

"Let me tell you something," Bella whispered, sliding a finger inside Narcissa. "Let me tell you something about the woman who is everything to you." She paused, beginning to move her hand.

"There once was a little girl, and she had two sisters and two parents, and they all loved her very much. She wasn't as strong as her older sister, or not as pretty as her younger sister, but she was happy. This little girl had a happy life, and she thought it would stay that way forever. But she was wrong. The kids in school did not love her like her parents and sisters did. They knew her older sister was very popular, and liked by everyone because they wanted to. And they knew her younger sister was very beautiful, and liked by everyone because they had to. But this little girl… there was no place for her. And the other children let her know that. The other children called her names and this little girl - she knew that they didn't love her. She knew that she didn't belong."

Bellatrix inserted a second finger. "But then one day, this girl met a man. He was a tall, dark, older, wonderful man. And he was going to be the most powerful wizard in the world. His name was Tom. And Tom… he showed her everything."

"What did he show the little girl, Bella?" Narcissa asked as her sister worked her fingers. "What did Tom show you?"

A tear fell from her eye. "He showed me I was special."

A moan as the drop of pain fell on Narcissa's exposed chest. "And what then," she panted. "What happened to the little girl?"

Bella began to move her hand even faster, rubbing her sister with her thumb. "She felt loved. She felt like she belonged…"


"But then she began to do things, things she never thought she would…"


"She tortured people."


And then one day…"

A groan. "And then -" a yelp "- one day what, Bella?"

"She killed someone." She crushed her lips to the blond's, darting her tongue in and finding her safety. Neither could breathe, neither could care, and as Bella began to move her fingers faster, Narcissa wasn't sure she wanted to. She moaned into her sister mouth, arching into her touch and finding release.

"And she was never the same again."

Also, if I could pimp - narcissa_slash, for Narcissa femmeslash.

Thanks everybody! <3
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