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Nominate Your Favorites!

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Quill to Parchment is a new awards site that features categories for all genres, pairings, and lengths of stories in the HP fandom. Nominations are split into sections of categories, making it possible to nominate a story for 'Best Femmeslash' as well as 'Best Fanon Het' and 'Drabble' or 'Best WiP.' In addition, we have a Harry Potter specific section that includes 'Best Marauder-Era' and 'Best Post-War.' During Round One we are looking for 'Missing Scene' stories that occur during the first and second books. Femmeslash tends to be, in my opinion, some of the most well-written stories as well as fairly scarce when it comes to being nominated for awards. I'm hoping we can expand the readership of good femmeslash stories by raising the profile of femmeslash in the HP community!

[Fred and George] The nominations are open, the sites are all ready--all we need is YOU! [/Fred and George] Ok, that was admittedly cheesy, but I'm excited; hopefully you pictured that and it was amusing enough that I'll be off the hook. Nominations will remain open until the 4th of June, with voting starting on the 8th of June and extending until the 4th of July. If all goes well, we'll announce the winners on 07/07/07! Be sure to check out the Pending and Nominees sections to find some great stories to read while we all wait for voting to begin.

In conclusion, lilbreck and I (and our lovely panel of judges) would like to extend an invitation for you to take part in the qtp_awards and help recognize some of the best authors in the varied pairings and genres of HP fanfiction!

Questions? Comments? E-mail the mods at quilltoparchment[at]gmail[dot]com
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