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Forbidden Enchantress

Title: Forbidden Enchantress
Author: thexpoison
Beta Reader: my friend Tony
Pairing: Hermonie/Ginny
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "How much longer do we have to hide?"
Warning: Cursing
Disclaimer: To be honest with you, I'm a liar.

Chapter 1: Coming Out
POV: Ginny

"What do you mean you're gay?" My older brother shouts, slamming the door. "Exactly what I said, Ron." he flops down on the dingy couch and shakes his head. "No! I wont stand for this! I will not let my little sister run around licking carpet!" I scowl at him. "Do you know how much that hurts, Ron?" He gets up and is right at my face. "Do you know how much this news hurts?"

"How on earth can this hurt you?!" he walks into the kitchen, avoiding eye contact with me. "Because you're my little sister! We already get messed with enough, Draco and his band of morons will have a field day with this!"

"Fuck Draco! Who cares? You just said it yourself they're all morons! I don't care what they think of me. I'm a lesbian and you'll just have to accept that." He continues to shake his head at me. "Ron, no amount of you disapproving is going to change this, it's simply going to hurt me more. Now, we have a long train ride back to Hogwarts tomorrow. Accept this or tomorrow's ride will seem even longer."

"I will not accept this!" he exclaims as he ascends up the stairs to his room. "Well, so much for that idea." I thought my brother was going to support me in this; after all, he was the only person I came out to. But I guess I was wrong. I can't believe my brother said all those things. Worrying about himself and how he will look with a lesbian sister instead of how I feel.


"Come on now! Platform 9 3/4 leaves in about ten minutes!" Mum yells, almost sprinting to the platform. My brother and I trail behind. "Okay, off you go." Ron and I nod and run through the wall, Fred and George coming along as well. Ron is giving me dirty looks the whole time we're boarding. Because of his reaction, I've decided no one else at Hogwarts will know. I can't lose my friends too, granted the only friends I have are my brothers so they will more than likely know and leave as well. My eyes well up with tears at the thought.

I love Harry, and I do not want to lose him. "Hey Ron?" I call to my brother before Harry and Hermonie get into the cart. He simply looks at me. "Can we not tell anyone about me, please? Not right now." Again, he doesn't speak. He simply looks away.

"Ron!" Harry's voice shouts, coming into the cart. "Harry!" they give their hello hugs. "Hi Ginny!" I laugh. "Hi Harry! Where's Hermonie?" he gives me a hug. "Oh she's coming. I think she's looking for that dreaded cat." Laughs fill the cart. "Ha ha, very funny" Hermonie enters with a smile on her face. "Hermonie!" I give her a running up. "Hi Ginny," she says sweetly. "Missed me much?" I pull back and smile. "Loads." She flashes a gorgeous smile at me.

"What's with them?" Harry asks Ron. He scowls, "No clue." Everyone sits down, and the cart falls silent. She's so close to me, and I can't touch her. Not without making someone mad. Then again, why do I care? Why do I care what everyone else thinks? Or, do I simply care what Ron thinks because he's my brother?

I'm the first to break the silence. "We'll be arriving soon. Hermonie, think you would come with me to put on my robes? You know how I am about going by myself."

"Sure." she replies grabbing her robes. We arrive in the bathroom and no one else is there but her and I. She embraces me in a hug once more. "How much longer do we have to hide?" she asks. "I came out to Ron yesterday, and it didn't go so well." I reply snaking my arms around her waist. "I don't want to have to hide how I feel about you anymore, though." She pulls back to look at me. "Neither do I, but I don't want you to lose my brother as a friend just to be with me."

"I don't care. Ron will get over it eventually." I shake my head. "He'll blame you. Remember? He already knows about you." She chuckles a bit. "You came to me, not the other way around" Our foreheads meet. "Just give me a few more days, I promise I'll tell him soon." She pushes my hair back behind my ear and greets my lips with a kiss. Oh, how I have missed those all summer.

We stand there in each other embrace for a second, but then she sighs. "I guess we better be getting back before Ron comes looking like last time." I nod and slip into my rob. When Hermonie is finished we share one last kiss before going back to the cart.

"Took long enough!" Ron says when we arrive back. "Yeah, yeah Ron. What do you think I'm going to do? Turn her gay?"

"Hermonie!" I exclaim. We're dead, I know it. "You never know," Ron stands up, "you might." Now they're both in each other face. "You know I wouldn't do that." He grabs his rob. "I don't know. Do I?" he opens the door. "You coming, Harry?" he nods and follows Ron out. "Sorry Ginny, it just slipped out."

"Just becareful."

A/N: I hope the length is good, I wasn't sure. In this fiction Hermonie is kind of portrade as a badass, even though in the movies she's not. You'll see what I mean in later chapters. Hope you like :3
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