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HP Femslash Recs

aka The Women's Room

Harry Potter Femslash Recommendations
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Welcome to the Harry Potter Femslash Recommendation Community. Please feel free to promote your own femslash stories, or stories you like by other authors, here.

The Rules:

  • The main ship in the story must be f/f (or femslash). Het ships as secondary plots are okay.
  • The story must be set in the Harry Potter universe (or an AU). Crossovers are acceptable as long as the predominate setting is the HP universe.
  • All ratings are acceptable. Stories with any spoiler worthy content (i.e., non-con, underage, or anything that might serve as a "trigger" for a reader) must contain a Spoiler Warning for that trigger.
  • This community is an equal opportunity shipper. Flames, ship wars, and otherwise disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

All stories must be posted in the following format:

Author Name:

*It would be nice if you could put a short blurb about the story, what it's about, why you recommend it, etc.

Please read the Ratings and Labeling and post a comment here to state you have read and understand the ratings system for this group.

Advertising Policy: Active members of the community are welcome to pimp their communities, RPGs, etc., here as long as it deals primarily with femslash.

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